Who Won Hobo Robo 8? Who Drank Dranks?


This year was a madhouse. Host Dan has low iron and ended up with horrible hand marks on his back. Host Josh also directed this year and got his infamous Chad the Bird puppet involved. Host Kevin “Put Me In, Coach” Alves got aaaaall sorts of wasted. But Hobo Robo 8: Hobos With Their Eyes All A-Glow was potentially one of the most competitive year yet, with the top three plays two votes or less away from each other. They were…

“Christmas Turns 30″ by Kristi Parker-Barnhart, directed by Richard Paro

“Azzmetta Abbington’s Mistletoe Meatballs” by John Weagly, directed by Breahan Pautsch

“Away in a Danger” by Kevin Lambert, directed by Kim Boler

You read that right. Four-time champ Richard Paro was dethroned by newcomer Kim Boler (making her Chicago directorial debut!), and Kevin Lambert became the first playwright to win back-to-back festivals. Stage 773 was the perfect host for this crazy-ass competition, after working with them on Sure Thing and our Halloween parody Bernie Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street…’s Brother. Until next year, ya Chumps Who Like Good Stuff!