Other Stuff We’ve Done

Tired of hearing about our annual Hobo Robo ten-minute play contest, our original full-length musical comedies, or our ensemble-devised festival entries? No problem. This page is dedicated to those of you interested in hearing more about our lesser-known works, or about the workshopping of plays or musicals that later became mainstage productions.

Two years before it became the epic rock musical that it is today, The Regulars was a comedic play written by Artistic Director Josh Zagoren, who based it around his experiences as a server/slave at a specific restaurant in downtown Chicago. Directed by Ben Lasser, this tale of waiters-gone-wild enjoyed sold-out performances at Gorilla Tango. It marked the Junction’s first production to receive coverage from many of the city’s major presses.
Artistic Director Josh Zagoren’s corporate satire was workshopped at both Gorilla Tango and Cornservatory, and marked the company’s first instance of integrating puppetry with live theatre. And did we mention that there were also ninjas?
Directed by Ashely Bagot, stand-up comedian Sam Fels’ collection of short plays examined the concepts of love, money, and… um… other broad thematic tropes. It was staged in August ’07 in front of a very drunk audience. Hobo Junction does not accept responsibility for what happened next.
In 2004, Josh Zagoren and Mike Foster were two waiters who, in order to receive sufficient tips from their patrons, began performing “routines” for the tables they were assigned to. These routines sparked ideas for sketches, and these sketches in turn prompted these two lowlifes to perform a two-man-one-robot sketch show (under the name The Rock Giant) at Chicago’s Playground Theater. They were then invited to perform at the Apollo Theater, where they presented the exact same show… except that it was at the Apollo instead. The Rock Giant disbanded after the show, but Josh never stopped dreaming. He founded a new theater company, one that rose from TRG’s ashes like a phoenix. This company was Hobo Junction.