Company Members

SPENSER DAVISArtistic Director – has performed in over thirty-five theatrical productions since his debut as Man #2 in “Charlotte’s Web,” for which was nominated for a Tony Award at age seven. After graduating from the University of Illinois by the skin of his teeth, he started acting like an adult so much that he called his mom and told her about it. His playwriting work has been featured at American Theatre Company, Collaboraction, Chicago Dramatists, Appetite Theatre, and Second City Chicago. He is also the proud Literary Manager for Broken Nose Theatre. He lives in the Lincoln Park neighborhood with no pets and a large gambling debt.
ELIZABETH ELSTON - Literary Manager - is a writer, actor, and musician based out of Chicago, IL.  A graduate of Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, and member of the original Spice Girls, she has since studied improvisation and sketch writing with Second City Chicago, and the JesterZ (Phoenix, AZ).   Elizabeth recently performed in a variety of shows in and around Chicago.  Favorite credits include  Ravenscroft (Dolly) and Emerald City’s Snow White (Jo) where she lived out her dream of playing a 5’8″ female dwarf.  When not on stage, Elizabeth can be found carrying other people’s infants or writing snippets of hilarious conversations she overheard on the CTA in her professional diary.
SYDNEY DAVIS JR. JR.Media Coordinator -  is the youngest of two children, the only ginger in her family, and has never taken anything seriously before in her life (with the exception of her Starbucks Gold Card … she takes that very seriously…). She has been an active member of the stand-up comedy circuit for a good long while now, and was recently dubbed the first intern in the history of Chicago Underground Comedy. She enjoys Starbucks, sugar-free Red Bull, and bacon, otherwise known as “sweet mana from heaven.” Her philosophy in life: “Philosophy? I thought you didn’t have to if you brushed properly.”
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