Wanna Help Out?

We always love to hear from people who want to work with Hobo Junction!

ACTORS:  Keep an eye on the Theatre in Chicago and League of Chicago Theatres websites for any postings of future productions.

DIRECTORS/TECH: If you’d like to direct or work with us in a technical aspect, please send your resume to zbot2000@gmail.com, and we’ll keep you in our files for upcoming projects, including our annual Hobo Robo Festivals. Please give us up to three months for response time.

WRITERS: If you would like to submit a play or musical for our 2014-15 season, we invite you to send all materials to Elizabeth Elston (Literary Manager) at hobojunctionsubmissions@gmail.com. For your submission, please include the following:
  • One-page synopsis
  • Ten-page excerpt from the script
  • A brief bio, letting us know a little bit about yourself
  • Musicals Only: Please submit two songs from the production (MP3 format, preferably)
  • PDF format only, please.
No adaptations, translations, or children’s plays. Submitted works must not be previously published or produced, though readings and workshops are absolutely acceptable. Response time may be up to three months. If we are interested in reading the full script, we will request a copy from you as soon as possible.