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While the Hobo Junction company and ensemble members love working together, we also try and find as much time to partner with other theater companies around the Windy City, on projects of all shapes and sizes. Want to see what the Hobos do when they’re separated from the herd? Here’s a little info about our team mates with upcoming or ongoing commitments.

Spenser Davis (Artistic Director) served as Assistant Director for the latest edition of EL Stories, a verbatim theater series created by Waltzing Mechanics and currently enjoying an open run at the Greenhouse Theater Center. This Winter, he will serve as Producer on two festivals – Hobo Robo 6 and one at Broken Nose Theatre – as well as performing in Red Theater Chicago’s production of Dylan, set to run in November and December at the Den Theater.

Elizabeth Elston (Literary Manager) is currently penning a short play for an upcoming festival, produced by the new company Wayward Productions, the team behind that crazy biker rendition of Richard III earlier this year.

Sydney Davis (Media Coordinator) is an assistant writer for the weekly ComedySportz news parody program “Talk Hard,” where she will also begin debuting original characters in mock interviews and self-written segments starting this week.

Josh Zagoren (Ensemble Member, Co-Founder) is understudying for The Wheel over at Steppenwolf. Ooooh, well, look who went and got all fancy pants on us.

Dan Krall (Ensemble Member) won’t return our phone calls.

Travis Barnhart (Ensemble Member) was understudying for The Rainmaker at First Folio and nabbed some EMC points along the way. If he goes Equity on us, we don’t know how we’ll handle it.

Kristi Parker-Barnhart (Ensemble Member) will be playing Martha (!) in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (!!), receiving a must-see, get-’um-while-they’re-available three-night run (!!!) at the Den Theatre from October 4th – 6th.

Christine Worden (Ensemble Member) wrapped with the play Mr. Marmalade, independently produced by a group calling themselves Dream Sequence. She was perfect for the role, because she looks like she’s five but also acts good.

Ben Hertel (Ensemble Member) continues taking part in The House Theater’s Iron Stag Trilogy with The Crownless King, the second installment of the series, set to run until October 20th at the Chopin Theatre.

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