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What’s New? Jews.

Oh, hey! You been here the whole time?

Sorry. We were napping. Hobo Robo 6 really tuckered us out. And by Hobo Robo 6, we mean lots of inappropriate activities involving mayonnaise … aaaaand it’s awkward.

Here’s the deal: We’re up and running again with Abbie Fest 26, where we plan to conclude our An Awful Night of Crap trilogy with the company-created one-act An Awful Night of Crap Part III: Jew Tycoons. It’s a Western. Jewish tycoons are trying to build an amusement park in the middle of an Indian preserve. That’s really all you need to know right now.

Trust us, it’ll be offensive. But in that way that makes you chuckle, point at the person who said the thing and go, “Yoooooou.”

Keep checking back for details on this and future stuff we’ve got planned!

Winner of Hobo Robo 6 is….

Following each sold-out night of Hobo Robo’s ten-minute play hilarity, audience members voted for their favorite short comedy. Each performance night, the votes were tallied so that, on the final night of the fest, the Audience Choice award winner could be announced. The director of the winning play received a “Swag Bag” containing free tickets to productions by companies like American Blues Theatre, Waltzing Mechanics, Broken Nose Theatre, and Victory Gardens, and a 7-11 sandwich, while the winning playwright received a check for $100!

So who won this year’s festival? The writer-director team of Chelsea Marcantel and Richard Paro!

Chelsea’s short plays have been featured in Hobo Robos 2, 4, and 5, and it’s about time that she finally won. Richard, on the other hand, has now won three Hobo Robos in a row. Would we call that obnoxious? Not here on our website. Behind closed doors with rock music blasting? Who knows what we say…

Congrats to all of the finalists, but especially to Chelsea, Richard, and their extremely talented cast! You guys had us laughing until we spilled our egg nog.